Guitare et Basse Lyon 69, fabrication et réparation
Guitares and bass guitars

Atelier Hervé Tonnard
6 rue des Augustins
69001 Lyon.
Phone : 04 78 30 80 90
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I have loved guitars since that day in my childhood when my parents gave me a small classical guitar (nylon string classical guitar), so simple but so marvelous to me that I slept with it, surrounded by the glorious smell of wood which remains with me today.  I love wood, all types of wood, as there is nothing more intoxicating, more sensual, stronger or more generous... more alive.

I love electric guitars since they offer the shortest path between wood and the music that I love, because their extreme simplicity encloses great riches, that of matter, silhouette, and techniques which come from man's genius in invention and musicianship.

I love above all repairing and restoring guitars, as this, for me, is the most varied, most difficult and most thrilling part of this business.  If building an instrument requires knowledge and considerable experience, repairing  or restoring a guitar or bass guitar requires instead culture, and a knowledge and skill which is built up over time and questioned every day.

I consider repairs to be the best way to learn lutherie, and this education has directly affected my methods of construction.  It is not a question of copying what has gone before, but of understanding and using the best techniques from this enormous bank of experience to create and bring to the musician the instrument that corresponds to his character and needs.  Each new creation is a unique adventure, a meeting of minds, a love story and a shared passion.

Since 1999 this passion has become my profession and I would like to invite you to share this with me in the next pages.

Atelier Hervé Tonnard
6, rue des Augustins 69001 Lyon
Téléphone : 04 78 30 80 90

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